10.  (Bill DeBlasio:)  While running for NY governor in ‘22, urgently develop a “Plan B.”    Just sayin’.

  9.  (Andrew Cuomo:)   When in public, wear catcher’s mitts at all times.

  8.   (Kamala Harris:)    Move your official residence to DelRio, Texas; then relax until notified of removal from 2024 ticket.

  7.   (Hillary Clinton:)     Get Joseph Biden to pardon you, while the getting is good.

  6.   (Donald Trump:)    Keep everyone on their toes with a golfing vacation on Taiwan.

  5.    (Chris Cuomo:)     Act as if nothing is amiss during your first gig on Russian TV.

  4.   (Barack Obama:)    Figure out how to claim “climate change is an existential threat” while luxuriating at your $15 million oceanfront mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

  3.   (Anthony Fauci:)     Maintain the same, consistent advice for an impossible 7 days in a row.

  2.   (Adam Schiff:)          Come up with a new and better hoax than “Russia​ c​ollusion.”

…and the NUMBER ONE RESOLUTIONS for 2022 is…

  1.    (Joseph Biden:)      Remember, even when speaking with Vladimir, Xi, Kim or AOC… there’s no need ​to appear​ afraid.

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