(With thanks to the National Association of Scholars, which maintains a roster of those who have been “canceled” at American colleges and universities.)

Can you tell which three of these “Top Ten” items are pure fiction, and which seven are true?     See answers at bottom.  

10.  Professor of Astronomy at Syracuse University fired for telling class that the planet Venus was “named for the Greek goddess of love.”     A transgender student complained that he/she was made to feel “otherized” by this science lesson.   The professor’s contract was not renewed.

  9.  Professor of economics at Lehigh University created a video on “Three Myths About Poverty.”    He was removed from the university’s “You Tube” channel and denounced on social media. 

 8.  Instructor in East Asian Languages at City College of New York suspended for one semester for referring to Kim Jong-un as “a typical Commie” in response to a student’s question.

  7.   A Chinese-American student at Fordham University posed with a rifle and a “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan as a memorial to those slain in Tiananmen Square by the Chinese Communist government.  Student was “disallowed from entering campus without advance permission” ;  banned from participating in extra-curriculr activities; and required to complete “implicit bias training.”

  6.    The Chancellor of one campus of the University of North Carolina declined to fire a controversial (now dead) professor, and in response to promotions of Black Lives Matter, said that “all lives matter.”  He was officially censured by the UNCW Faculty Senate.

  5.   A Professor of Music and a Professor of Art at Skidmore College attended a “Back the Blue” rally, expressing support for police.  Petitions were circulated throughout the Skidmore campus, urging that both professors be fired.

  4.  At the Cornell University School of Law, a professor and director of a Law Clinic posted two articles on his blog, criticizing BLM.  A serious petition was circulated, demanding that the professor be fired.

  3. Antifa members and other radicals at Princeton University entered the dorm room of the vice chairwoman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus.  They removed her from the dorm and chained her to a makeshift stockade until early morning, when campus security discovered her dozing, with the word “Capitalist” painted on her sweatshirt.

  2.  At Boise State University in Idaho, a Professor of political science “criticized feminism” in one of his classes.   He was condemned in newspapers, and students organized protests against him on campus.


1.At the University of Cincinnati, an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering was placed on administrative leave and then terminated for an e-mail to students in which he referred to COVID-19 as “the Chinese virus.”

      TOP TEN items numbered #10, 8 and 3 above were made up by your editor.    All others are true, as catalogued by the National Association of Scholars.

“Your Weekly American Top Ten list” is intended as humorous commentary, and is NOT a source of real news.

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