10. “Equity” — In most instances, the opposite of equal opportunity.

 9. “Health Care”  — Terminating life in utero, and even after​ live birth​.

 8. “Gun Safety”   —  Mandatory “buy backs” for non-criminals.

 7. “Circle back”    — We will provide the information you requested, like maybe, but on our schedule, not yours.

 6. “Pandemic relief”  —   Necessary trillions to subsidize $100,000+ government pensions in NY, CAL and ILL;  funeral costs for illegals who expire on US soil; renovating the Kennedy Center; and more fun Solyndra projects!

 5.  “Retraining”   —  Eventually, you can build solar panels in a faraway state, at a fraction of the construction job salary we just terminated.

 4. “Fair share”  —  Dude, you’re working for us now.   And do you really need that second property or your own BMW?

 3.  “Climate change”  — An existential threat to humankind, requiring fleets of private jets and stretch limousines to reverse.

 2.  “Voter suppression”  —  Calling for identification and signatures prior to certifying a citizen’s right to vote.  In close elections, suppression can be triggered by a forecast of cloudy weather.

…and the TOP WATCHWORDS for the BIDEN ERA are….

 1. “Constructive engagement” – Apology Tour 2021 begins with sending taxpayer billions to the mullahs in Iran, in exchange for platitudes about nuclear research and a case of stuffed grape leaves.

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