10.  Executive Order #28:  “Questions from media at White House press briefings must first be published in the Federal Register.”

 9.  E.O. # 59:  “President Trump’s order to make defacing or destroying monuments and statues on Federal property a felony is hereby rescinded.”

 8.  E.O. #60:   “Defacing or destroying monuments and statues on Federal property is henceforth ‘to be frowned upon.'”

 7.  E.O. # 117:  “If you like all the free stuff you are getting, you can keep all the free stuff you are getting.”

 6. E.O. # 62:  “Construction on the Keystone Pipeline is halted immediately.  Title to the existing pipeline is hereby transferred to the U.S. Olympic Luge Team.”

 5. E.O. # 37:  “Department and agency heads take note: all references to ‘Project Warp Speed’ will be deleted and replaced with the preferred:  ‘Biden Vaccine.'”

 4.  E.O. # 71:    “Recognizing the importance of Delaware as a retreat and oasis for this president, press avails in that state will be limited to questions on ice cream flavors.”

 3. E.O. # 23:    “Individuals able to prove they have crossed the U.S. border illegally will be properly welcomed with Medicaid cards and housing vouchers.”

 2.  E.O. #  47:   “Federal employees failing to utilize Dr. Jill Biden’s title appropriately will be eligible for transfer to Plum Island, NY and Thule Air Force Base, Greenland.”

…and the Number One lesser known Executive Order signed by Joseph Biden in January is:

  1.  E.O. # 29:  “The ‘nuclear football’ will be assigned to the Vice President, and is approved for use at her discretion in the U.S. Senate.”

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