10.   PM Justin Trudeau:  Require that all “escaping” Hollywood celebrities must use Canadian socialized health care system.


9.    Barack H. Obama:   Finally, I get to play some golf.


8.    Donald J. Trump:   After January 20th, no more Mr. Nice Guy.


7.    Hillary R. Clinton:    Now we have the time for that four-month tour of Wisconsin.


 6.    William J. Clinton:     While my darlin’ hangs in Green Bay, I do believe I’ll hold down the fort here in Chappaqua.


5.     Raul Castro:    Buy some life insurance from a capitalist American corporation.


4.    Mayor Bill deBlasio (candidate for re-election):           Register all 60,000 NYC homeless by the November election.


3.    President Vladimir Putin: Upgrade wardrobe with new shirts for public horseback riding.


2.    Mayor Rahm Emanuel:  Say one nice thing about the Chicago police prior to next New Year’s eve. 


…and the NUMBER ONE RESOLUTION for 2017 is:


  1.     Kim Jong-un: Practice my dunking with visiting Chicago Bulls.            

                      (basket height may be officially “adjusted,” per North Korean Politburo)


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