THE 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS  (2016 version)


For the uninitiated who want to sing this version around their Christmas tree (also approved for Hanukkah celebrations), here is how the traditional “12 Days” is sung: 

You sing each of the song’s 12 lines, in ascending numerical order.   But then you only repeat the “gifts” already received.   For example:

 Start the song with “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a partridge in a pear tree.”

 But here is how your verse would sound in mid-song:

 “On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: six geese-a-laying, five go-o-o-ld rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.”

 Try that format with today’s creation, below.  Note that singers are expected to dra-a-ag out the syllables on the gift of the “5th Day of Christmas,”in this case “Five new sho-o-o-t – guns.” 



On the first day of Christmas, my new prez gave to me:   Repealing am – nesty.


On the second day of Christmas, the voters gave to me: Two large swing states.


On the third day of Christmas, the Dems gave to me: Three new scandals.


On the fourth day of Christmas, Paul Ryan gave to me: Four years of tax cuts.


On the fifth day of Christmas, Joe Biden gave to me: Five new shot – guns.


On the sixth day of Christmas, Wisconsin gave to me: Six years of Johnson.


On the seventh day of Christmas, Fox News showed to me: seven Libs-a-quaking.


On the eighth day of Christmas, Bill Clinton gave to me: Eight maids-a-milking.

                                                                             (We had to take one gift from the original song!)


On the ninth day of Christmas, the Prez gave to me: Nine years of low-growth.


On the tenth day of Christmas, the Times gave to me: Ten Hill white-washings.


On the eleventh day of Christmas, Putin gave to me:  MIGs buzzing our Navy.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Tom Fitton gave to me: Twelve emails from Hill-ary.




Yuletide blessings for Christmas and Hanukkah to all “Top Ten” readers and your families; and good tidings to all for 2017.




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