10.   Vladimir Putin — Win an old-fashioned election victory (running unopposed)

   9.   Cong. Sheila Jackson – Lee — resolve to only fly private jets from here on

    8.   President Trump — 2018 on Twitter:  No more Mr. Nice Guy

   7.    Outgoing Gov. Chris Christie – issue himself lifetime NJ beach passes before leaving office

   6.   Hillary Clinton — secure a pardon from Pres. Trump

   5.   Gov. Andrew Cuomo — master an Iowa accent

   4.   CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo:   resolve to make fake news seem more believable

   3.   Former President Obama —  finagle freegolf passes at Mar-a-Lago 

   2.   Mayor Bill DeBlasio —  somehow, somewhere, find a tax he doesn’t like

..and the NUMBER ONE RESOLUTION for 2018 is: 

    1.  Kim Jong – un   —   discard nukes, get NBA franchise 


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