10.  Kamala will publicly refer to “my administration” at least five times.

 9.  Shockingly, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will not be photographed seated next to Dennis Rodman.

 8.  Exactly zero mainstream news organizations ​​​will report comprehensively on Biden family influence-peddling.

 7.  Hillary Clinton will plead for a pardon from a president, any president.

 6. To avoid commenting on Columbus Day, the Biden administration will declare “Free Health Care for Illegals Week.”

 5.  Mayor Bill DeBlasio will commence snoring during one of his own speeches.

 4.  Newly appointed “Climate Czar” John Kerry will utilize private jets and gas guzzling vehicles to speed him to vital “climate change” conferences.

 3.   During January 20th inaugural ceremonies, Bill Clinton will resume ogling Melania Trump.

 2. Joseph Biden WILL hold one news conference without a teleprompter or family member at his side.   ​(Sorry, no questions, though.​)​

…and the NUMBER ONE PREDICTIONS for 2021 is:

 1. Perhaps accidentally, new Domestic Affairs counselor Susan Rice will tell the truth.

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