10.   New Socialist Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez:    Promise to learn a few simple “Supply and Demand” lessons…

9. Bill and Hill:  Resolve to avoid further embarrassment by bailing out on their  “Underwhelming World Tour”

8. Brian Stelter and Chris Cuomo:  Figure out how to make CNN Fake News more believable

7.  Jeff Flake and Bob Corker —  Flashy Grand Openings for their “Subway” franchises in Tombstone, Arizona and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

6. James Comey:  Plead for a pardon from the President

5. MSNBC:    Get more than 5 people to watch them…

4. Kim Jong-un:   Start discarding nukes, get Dennis Rodman as U.S. Ambassador

3.  President Trump: Replace Twitter feed with some nice, low-tech radio “Fireside Chats”….

2.   Vladimir Putin:   Manipulate elections in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua — IF they hold them!

…and the NUMBER ONE RESOLUTION for 2019 is….

1.    Those 30 potential Democrat candidates running for President:   Ensure that audience always exceeds the number of candidates on stage…

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